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Inland Counties Regional Perinatal Program (Region 7 of Regional Perinatal Programs of California) serves over 41,000 square miles comprising the four counties of Inyo, Mono, Riverside, and San Bernardino. Thirty-two birthing facilities within this region deliver perinatal care to multicultural women of childbearing age.

Our purpose

To assist in achieving the Maternal-Child Health Year 2010 objectives by:

  • Promoting access to quality health services for pregnant women and their infants
  • Developing linkages between health professionals and organizations
  • Fostering risk-appropriate perinatal care

Programs and activities

  • In conjunction with the MCH state staff, collect, analyze, and interpret perinatal data for providers, facilities, and health-care plans
  • Develop and distribute statewide guidelines and tools which promote high quality, risk-appropriate care
  • Provide technical assistance and consultation to perinatal providers
  • Develop and circulate Perinatal Care Matters newsletter
  • Promote professional linkages among a cross section of perinatal providers
  • Ensure appropriate education for perinatal professionals
  • Facilitate a regional quality care consortium


Gretchen Page, Program Coordinator

Phone: (909) 558-3996

Kathy Bird, Nurse Educator

Phone: (909) 558-3100, extension 37709

Terry Kramer, Program Secretary

Phone: (909) 558-3936
Fax: (909) 558-3935