LLU Medical Center gynecology & obstetrics residency program

Department of Gynecology and Obstetrics
residency training program

Program information

The postgraduate training program in Gynecology and Obstetrics at Loma Linda University Medical Center is an approved four-year program. Six candidates are selected each year for the first-year positions.

The four-year program is planned to provide progressively advanced training in gynecology and obstetrics. The resident physicians are directly responsible for the care of patients assigned to them. In addition to their inpatient care responsibilities, the residents participate in an active supervised outpatient program. It is expected that the residents will participate in the teaching program of the University and the research programs of the department. Supervision is provided by the chiefs of the services and the attending staff members of the respective hospitals. In the fourth postgraduate year, the resident assumes the responsibilities of chief resident. The chief resident is directly responsible to the chair of the department, the director of the residency training program, and the attending staff physicians for the organization and direction of the residency training program.

Obstetrical, gynecological, and oncology outpatient clinics are located in the Loma Linda University Health Care GYN/OB suites in the Faculty Medical Offices located directly across from the Medical Center. Continuity clinics for residents are located in this suite and also in the Family Medicine suite in the Professional Plaza, two blocks from the Medical Center.

The residency office is located in the department of Gynecology and Obstetrics, Room 3408 in the Medical Center. There are two offices available for the residents in the department. One office doubles as a sleeping room for the senior resident on call and contains a TV and VCR. There is an additional call room available for the junior resident on call complete with bathroom/shower.

The department is the recent recipient of a new library and media center complete with conference table and chairs, two computers with Internet access, printer and work stations, TV, VCR, and up-to-date textbooks and journals. In addition, major peer review and subspecialty journals subscribed to by the faculty are accessible to the house staff. The Medical Center and the University libraries offer a full range of services. There are two libraries on campus: the Del E. Webb Memorial Library and the Jesse Medical Library and Information Center which are available to residents and attending staff.

The Loma Linda University Medical Center GYN/OB service is divided into four major divisions:

  1. The obstetrical service is the perinatal center for the four inland counties of Southern California. The service load now consists of 230-280 deliveries per month, approximately one-half of these being classified as high risk. The assignment of two senior residents to this service allows an expanding experience in high risk clinic management, consultative interface with referring physicians for high risk transports, supervision and consultation of the high risk antepartum subservice, and consultation and supervision of complicated obstetrical events in labor and delivery. This service is covered by five perinatologists who offer and encourage resident involvement in ongoing research activities.

  2. The gynecologic oncology service offers the senior resident the opportunity of complete management of (on average) a 15-17 bed inpatient load. The four gynecologic oncologists attending this service make the senior resident an integral part of every surgical procedure, leading most to recognize this as the high point of their technical experience. In addition, two gyn oncology referral clinics, one colposcopy clinic and a breast clinic are held weekly, thus allowing the resident the opportunity for consultative examinations, continuity of care, and outpatient cancer management.

  3. Two board certified endocrinology-infertility specialists attend to the section of reproductive endocrinology with a board certified generalist assisting in the activities of this division. The senior resident assigned to this rotation is involved with the entire spectrum of surgical procedures as well as association with the attending staff on a one-on-one rotational basis for outpatient clinical services. Resident physicians are involved with new patient work-ups and continuity of care. In addition, the senior resident is involved with the fertility laboratories and the invitro fertilization program (including ovum harvest and invitro fertilization techniques) and the clinical and research activities of the andrology laboratory.

  4. The benign gynecology services is attended by four generalists and a gyn urologist. The senior resident on rotation through this service is involved with the complete outpatient work-up of pelvic relaxation in a fully-equipped urodynamic and cystometric laboratory along with the inpatient surgical correction and postoperative outpatient reevaluation. In addition, this resident supervises emergency benign gynecologic admissions including benign adnexal disease. Additional consultative experience is gained through two benign gynecologic surgery referral clinics and the supervised evaluation of all in house gynecology consultation requests. This resident is also the chief administrative resident with responsibility for scheduling, clinic supervision, statistics analysis, and presentation and overall program efficiency and harmony.

At Loma Linda University Medical Center, approximately 70% of the inpatient and outpatient obstetrical patient load are cared for primarily by the resident staff under the direct and individual supervision of the attending faculty. Approximately 98% of the inpatient and outpatient gynecologic patient population are cared for primarily by the resident staff under supervision.