LLUMC neurosciences - continuing medical education

Department of neurology continuing medical education program

1) The objectives of the neurology department's continuing medical education program are:

a) to disseminate current knowledge in the field of neuroscience
b) review and discuss the latest basic research topics in the neurosciences
c) address consensus and controversy in clinical diagnosis and treatment of neurologic disease
d) review and discuss adjunct topics such as ethics, legal issues, and health-care economics

The target audience is the neuroscience faculty at Loma Linda University, but interested members of the Medical Center and University, as well as the community at large, are welcome to attend.

2) Topics are chosen by the course coordinator in response to the annual needs survey, responses to each presentation evaluation, as well as with an eye toward maintaining broad coverage of the various sub-disciplines in the field of neurology

3) The current course coordinator is Ms. Monika Johnson.

4) Quality assurance will be accomplished by an audience survey included on each presentation hand out.

5) Records are kept in the neurology faculty offices in the Coleman Pavilion.