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Venom ER

Faculty: Sean P. Bush, MD, FACEP

Dr. Bush and helicopterDr. Bush is a Professor of Emergency Medicine at Loma Linda University School of Medicine in Southern California, where he is also on staff in the ER as an emergency physician and envenomation (venomous animal) specialist. He has had a lifelong interest in reptiles and venomous creatures. Dr. Bush has authored over 50 publications on the treatment of bites and stings and has lectured on the local, national, and international level. He has been featured in dozens of television documentary productions on several cable networks including Animal Planet, the Discovery Channel, National Geographic Television, PBS, and others.

Recently Dr. Bush received a certificate of appreciation from the White House Medical Unit for Venom ER. The Unit is keenly interested in the topic as they are always on snake alert at President Bush's Crawford Texas ranch when he is there. The White House Medical Unit uses Venom ER for their training and told our Venom MD (and the President's namesake), "If there ever is an envenomation on the First Patient, we will give you a call for your clinical expertise."

Dr. Bush also flies as a citizen volunteer with the San Bernardino County Sheriff's Air Rescue Team. He lives in San Bernardino County with his wife A'me and an undisclosed number of snakes, lizards, spiders, and scorpions. The couple has two children, Jude and Camille.

Photo above: Dr. Bush with camera crew.

An Ode to the Snake

By Sean Bush, MD, FACEP

Dr. Bush"Snakes are the coolest animals on the planet. They are remarkably adaptive even though they possess no appendages, no means of internal thermal regulation and despite the contempt of mankind. Although snakes have many strikes against them, they survive and thrive in some of the most extreme habitats: from the hottest, driest desert to the open ocean depths. There is even a snake that flies through the rainforest.

Snakes are one of the scariest animals on earth and they truly are dangerous, killing over 100,000 people worldwide each year. This is many more people than die from all other animal attacks combined.

Snakes are intertwined in our own history and lore. In the Bible, Moses' staff turned into a snake when he threw it on the ground to demonstrate a miracle of God. Cleopatra died after a cobra bit her on the breast. A snake coiled around a staff symbolizes the medical profession.

Snakes are living pieces of art, coming in all colors and textures and inhabiting the world's most dramatic landscapes. They are enigmatic, enchanting, and efficient. All at once they are mystical and miraculous, sophisticated and surreal." --Dr. Sean Bush

Photo above: Dr. Bush holds a sea snake.

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