Cancer Center - Loma Linda University Cancer Center

Loma Linda University Cancer Center provides patient-focused, world-class care, provided by highly respected specialists in a convenient and accessible environment. Patients have access to services such as radiation medicine, which features the first hospital-based proton treatment program in the world and a cancer resource center. Our commitment to whole person care ensures that the entire cancer treatment process is individualized and focused on treating each patient’s physical, emotional and spiritual needs.

Breast Cancer Center

The Breast Cancer Center provides our patients with access to the latest diagnostic and treatment technology coupled with interdisciplinary medical teams who work to heal the whole person—body, mind and spirit.
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Prostate Cancer Center

Working with men who have prostate cancer and other types of genitourinary cancer, the Prostate Cancer Center features robotic prostatectomy, minimally invasive cancer resection and proton therapy as well as other treatment options from our specialists.
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Lung Cancer Center

With an emphasis on cancer prevention and treatment, the Loma Linda University Cancer Center's Lung Cancer Center uses the latest research to offer our patients comprehensive and compassionate medical care.
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Gynecological Cancer Center

Serving women suffering from gynecological cancer, the Gynecological Cancer Center relies on specialized expertise to perform complex surgical procedures and offer the latest in cancer treatment innovation.
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Gastroenterological Cancer Center

The Gastroenterological Cancer Center's medical team brings together oncologists, pathologists, dietitians, psychologists and other specialists to develop and implement individualized treatment programs focused on whole person care.

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Other Cancer Centers

Loma Linda University Cancer Center also provides multidisciplinary treatment centers for Head and Neck Cancer, Hematology/Marrow Cancer, Neurological Cancer, Pediatric Cancer, Skin Cancer and Soft Tissue and Skeletal Cancer.

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