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At Loma Linda University Medical Center (LLUMC), we have a unique understanding of a woman’s physical, emotional and spiritual needs. This is why we have established specialized services at LLUMC with a woman’s needs in mind – for every stage of her life.

Cancer Treatment
Detecting and treating cancer in its early stages is essential to ensuring women achieve full recovery. At the Loma Linda University Cancer Center, we use the latest advancements in diagnostic testing and cancer treatments to help women overcome various cancers and regain their health.
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Pelvic Health & Gynecology
Promoting optimal pelvic health is key to women experiencing a healthy sense of overall wellbeing. To help women maintain gynecologic and pelvic health, we offer a full range of OB GYN services, including regular pelvic exams, pregnancy care and postpartum support as well as a number of robotic and minimally invasive procedures.
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Urinary & Bladder Health
Urinary and bladder health issues can be embarrassing, uncomfortable and, in the worst cases, extremely painful. At LLUMC's Center for Urogynecology, our expert staff is dedicated to diagnosing and effectively treating women's urinary and bladder problems to help improve women's overall quality of life.
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Obstetrics & Perinatal Care
Conceiving a child and giving birth are among the most exciting yet stressful times in a woman's life. To ensure that pregnancy and childbirth progresses with minimal complications, we provide comprehensive exams, treatments and education classes for pregnant women and recent mothers as well as expert high-risk pregnancy care when necessary.
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Fertility & Menopause
Infertility and menopause are two of the most prominent concerns women typically have regarding their sexual and overall health. At LLUMC, our experienced specialists are dedicated to diagnosing and treating a variety of related women's health issues, including menopause symptoms, hormonal imbalance and bioidentical hormone therapy.
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Heart & Vascular Health
Heart conditions are the leading cause of death in American women. Despite this alarming fact, women can take measures to improve their heart health at any age. Our cardiac experts are experienced at pinpointing women's risk factors and helping women overcome heart disease and other cardiac problems.
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Women's Imaging
Effective imaging exams, such as MRIs and CT scans, are crucial to making accurate, early diagnoses of a variety of women's health conditions. Breast and bone imaging are just a few of the specialty services we provide during our thorough diagnostic processes designed especially for women.
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Weight Management & Executive Physicals
Maintaining a healthy weight is vital to improving self-esteem, staying healthy and promoting optimal quality of life. Our Center for Health Promotion is dedicated to assessing women's weight management needs and helping them realize their ultimate weight loss and fitness goals.
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Women's Center
Our Women’s Center provides in-depth information on the prevention, diagnosis, treatment, and care of conditions that affect women of all ages. This center will help you be more aware of the steps you can take to stay healthy, and the options you have when you need medical services.
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