LLUMC - discharge from the Medical Center


Discharge planning

LLUMC's attention to your medical care does not end when you leave the hospital. Throughout your stay, your medical team will be planning ways to insure health and recovery even after you are discharged. Your attending physicians will work together with the nursing staff and various health specialists to plan for your discharge from the hospital and a continuation of appropriate medical care. Various members of this team will meet with you during your hospital stay and review information about your post-hospital care in detail.

Going home

Your medical staff will work to provide you with as rapid a recovery as possible. When your physician determines that your health is adequate to leave the hospital, you will receive detailed information about discharge procedures and planning. Discharge time is usually 11:00 a.m.

Your nurse can help you make any necessary personal arrangements for leaving the Medical Center. We ask that you notify your driver the night before your departure and ask him or her to call the next morning to confirm the specific time. Your driver should park in the patient/visitor lot near the main entrance. Medical Center personnel will escort you to the lobby and assist you to your car.

For information on services available after you leave the hospital, see the Home Care Services web page.