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Dr. GiangThank you for considering a residency program at Loma Linda University Medical Center, encompassing the University Hospital, Children's Hospital, East Campus Specialty Hospital, and Behavioral Medicine Center. We invite you to see how Loma Linda can meet your expectations both for residency training and as an enjoyable environment for you and your family.

Situated in Southern California's Inland Empire, Loma Linda lies in a valley surrounded by 10,000 foot tall mountains, midway between Los Angeles and Palm Springs. (More about the area) We serve as the only tertiary referral center for this diverse region that comprises a quarter of California's total area and 3.5 million people. The people we serve live in impoverished inner city neighborhoods, commuter suburbs, rural desert communities, and trendy resorts. While enjoying the excitement and culture of nearby Los Angeles and Orange County, Loma Linda escapes much of the crowding, high cost of living and traffic typically associated with Southern California.

Established in 1907 by the Seventh-day Adventist church, Loma Linda University Medical Center serves as a center for Christian medical education. This heritage remains our central focus as encapsulated in our mission statement: "...to continue the healing ministry of Jesus Christ, 'to make man whole,' in a setting of advancing medical science and to provide a stimulating clinical and research environment for the education of physicians, nurses and other health professionals." Our faculty and residents possess diverse beliefs and religious preferences, but they share a commitment to provide excellent and compassionate patient care. We seek to offer the finest graduate medical education possible. We believe this means developing the ability to provide care to the whole person in addition to learning the latest diagnostic techniques and therapeutics.

We seek residents from all backgrounds who approach training with enthusiasm and a dedication to excellence. In turn, we are committed to providing superb training to each of our residents in a supportive and respectful atmosphere. These web pages detail some of the highlights of our program. We hope you will call or visit us soon, and we wish you the best as you choose your graduate medical education program.

Daniel Giang, MD
Associate Dean and Director
Graduate Medical Education

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