LLUMC Medical Staff Administration - Getting Started

Getting Started

Allow a minimum of three (3) months for the credentialing and approval process to be completed!

1. Before starting the Medical Staff application process, please ensure you have a current or have applied for the following:

  • California licensure
  • DEA with California address
  • Faculty appointment, if applicable

2. If you are applying to LLUMC, LLUBMC or LLUHC, please  download and print the initial application packet from this web site, complete, and return it to Medical Staff Administration (MSA). The initial application packet includes the following documents:

  • Required Items Checklist
  • Loma Linda University Related Facilities Initial application
  • Addendum's A and B
  • Radiography/Fluoroscopy Certification form
  • Laser Certification form
  • MediCare Penalty Acknowledgement Statement
  • HIPAA Compliance Acknowledgement Agreement
  • DEA Waiver form
  • IS computer access form
  • Facility specific department/service privilege form(s) (downloaded seperately)
  • Moderate/Deep Sedation Test (LLUMC only, if applicable, by contacting QRM)

3. Download and review the following document:

4. Attach current copies of:

  • California Licensure and DEA
  • Radiography/Fluoroscopy X-ray certificate
  • Updated Curriculum Vitae (must include month and year)
  • Diplomas
  • Board Certifications
  • Malpractice Insurance face sheet
  • Picture ID (Driver's License, Passport Photo, etc) - must be identifiable
  • Work Permit/Green Card
  • Moderate/Deep Sedation certificate (LLUMC only)

5. Be sure to send the application fee with the application. Please make your check payable to "Medical Staff Administration." The non-refundable fees are as follows:


  • $800 for the 1st facility; $200 each additional facility e.g.: ($1,000 for MC & UHC; $1,200 for MC, BMC & UHC)
  • AHP $400 for the 1st facility; $100 each additional facility; e.g.: ($500 for MC & UHC; $600 for MC, BMC & UHC)

6. The MSA coordinator will contact you if they have questions or problems obtaining any primary source verifications. Your help will expedite the process.

If you have any questions regarding the application and/or forms, please contact a medical staff coordinator in MSA. Referring to reasons for delay or faqs may also answer some questions.