LLUMC Medical Staff Administration - FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How long will it take to process my application:
A. Most applications are processed within 90 days. The more complete the application, the easier it is to identify what primary source verifications are needed.

Q. Why does the credentialing process take so long?
A: The bylaws and JCAHO require primary source verification of all your activities since medical school. We are dependent upon responses to our queries regarding training, experience, affiliation, professional reference, and any malpractice information, etc. It is imperative your application be filled out in detail with regard to dates (month and year), addresses, and contact information.

Q. Can I request privileges in more than one department?
A. Yes. Both privilege delineation forms need to be filled out and submitted for consideration.

Q. Where can I apply for my DEA certificate?
A. See the DEA's online application system.