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Donate Magazines & Books


The hospital maintains a Patient Library, designed
to provide our patients of all ages with the necessary
diversional materials. Magazines and books are taken
to the patient’s bedside via our book carts and
Operation Care Package cart. 

  Please Send Magazine Subscriptions To:

Loma Linda University Medical Center
Volunteer Services
11234 Anderson St.
Rm. 1191
Loma Linda, CA 92354

You can donate your own magazines or order a
magazine subscription for our Patient Library.
Magazine subscriptions offer a fairly inexpensive
way to have a direct, positive impact on our
patients of all ages. 

Whether confined to a hospital bed during recovery,
or worried about leaving the side of a sleeping child
who might wake to find themselves alone in their
hospital room, magazines can provide a welcome
distraction for patients and families at our hospital. 

Generous volunteers support the distribution of free
magazines to our patients and their families. 


Frequently requested magazines include (click to order):

Real Simple

(12 issues for $25/year)

Entertainment Weekly

(55 issues for $20/year)     

People Magazine

(12 issues for $26)

Us Weekly

(12 issues for $15)

People en Español

(12 issues for $15/year)

Sports Illustrated

(56 issues for $40/year)

Time Magazine

(56 issues for $20/year)

Men's Health

(10 issues for $25/year)

National Geographic

(12 issues for $15/year)

Reader's Digest

(10 issues for $25/year)

O, The Oprah Magazine

(24 issues for $24)


(12 issues for $10/year)

- Prices provided are approximate and are subject to change.
- Loma Linda University is not affiliated with any of the companies who own the magazines listed above and does not benefit in any way from your subscription purchases, beyond the ability to distribute free magazines to parents and patients who we believe may benefit.