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Bring a Smile - Cards 4 Kidz

Help us help our kids!  Through the generosity of our community supporters, we are able to distribute cards, toys, games, blankets, and more to our pediatric patients on a weekly basis. 


Bring a Smile  

 Gift Cards We Love




 Toys 'R Us



We are extremely grateful to our community for supplying
us with blankets, toys and small gifts for our patients to
assist them with their recovery.

Because space in our hospital to store all of these lovely
toys and gifts is now at a premium, you can also help out
by donating a gift card.

Gift cards allow us to maximize your gift to our patients
because they provide our staff with the flexibility to make
“on-demand” toy purchases as they are needed by our

In addition, the Child Life Department has created a wish
list on Amazon.com in order to fulfill specific needs and
wishes for the children on each of the units.  Please click
here to view the wish list.

Handmade blankets and quilts are always in great demand,
as well. 
Blankets are a tremendous comfort to the patients
while they are in the hospital, as well as something that they
can take home with them.
  Please follow these guidelines
when donating blankets:

     1.  You may use any colors or fabrics, as long as they are
          new and hypoallergenic. 

     2.  A good size is anywhere from a receiving blanket (approximately 30” x 30”)
          to a blanket big enough for a teen (approximately  50” x 60”). 


Cards 4 Kidz

Because children under the age of 14 cannot visit the units, participating in Cards 4 Kidz is a perfect way to
let younger groups, such as schools or scout troops, experience that they too can make a difference. 
greeting cards are reviewed by our staff before they are distributed to our patients.  If you or your organization
is interested in creating greeting cards for our patients, we have a few guidelines that will help us ensure that
your greeting card makes it safely into the hands of a recovering child. 

Greetings:  Your greeting inside may include your name or group name.  Please keep in mind that these cards
will be given to children of all ages.  The degree of illness will vary from mild to terminal, so you will want to be
cheerful.  Some suggested greetings include, “Hope you’re feeling better,” “Thinking of you,” or “Have a nice day”
rather than “Get well soon.”
  To help accommodate our complete patient population, we are also in need of cards
in foreign languages.  In addition, Holiday greeting cards are always welcome!  Please make sure that they are
delivered to us at least 2 weeks in advance.

Size:  A total size of 4 ¼” by 5” is the most useful size.  A sheet of 8 ½” by 11” folded 2 ways is perfect!  This way
we are able to easily distribute the cards on the patient meal trays. (Envelopes are not necessary)

Materials:  Be as creative as you like!  You can personally design and decorate the outside by drawing, coloring
or painting.  Glitter and sparkles, glued items, or items that could endanger our younger patients are not acceptable.


We offer two ways of delivering your donation:

1.  Schedule a time to drop-off your donation at the Volunteer Services office by calling: 909.558.8022

2.  Mail your donation to us at:

                Loma Linda University Children’s Hospital

                Volunteer Services

                11234 Anderson St
                Rm. 1802

                Loma Linda
, CA 92354