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Cranial Remolding Helmet

Child with a Cranial Remolding Helmet Cranial remolding helmets assist with reshaping a child's head due to deformational plagiocehpaly or torticollis.

Plagiocehpaly, is an asymmetrical head shape that may be caused by the physical pressure on the child's head during birth, or it can be due to positioning of the child on their back or consistently to one side. Babies with severe plagiocephaly may present with unbalanced facial features, prominent high foreheads, or uneven ears.

Torticollis, also known as congenital muscular torticollis, is a condition that causes the baby's head and neck to tilt to one side, possibly due to the baby's position in the uterus, and is often associated with plagiocehpaly.

Many babies that have significant pressure on their heads during the birth process will re-shape normally over six weeks. If the child continues to have significant deformity, he or she may be a candidates for a cranial remolding helmet.

The referral process

Orthotic therapy with the cranial remolding helmet is started with a referral from the baby's pediatrician or a cranial facial physician. It is likely that the physician has recommended repositioning therapy prior to recommending the orthotic therapy. If the repositioning therapy does not correct the problem then orthotic therapy is often recommended.

The re-shaping process

A mold or cast impression of the child's head is made in order to create a custom fabricated helmet that will help reshape the head. The child will continue to come in for readjustment over the next six months to one year. The bones remold to the helmet shape, and you will be able to see subtle changes in the child's head shape.

Cranial Remolding Helmet

The remolding helmet used by Loma Linda University Medical Center was developed here and is fabricated in our on-site lab. It has been cleared by the FDA for use.

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