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Disabled driving program

The Loma Linda Disabled Driving Program is designed to assist you in returning to driving after a serious injury or illness. This program is specifically for the licensed driver who has been disabled and no longer possess the physical or cognitive skills required for safe driving.

Who will benefit?

The Loma Linda Driving Program is designed for individuals who have deficits due to SCI, Brain Injury, Stroke, Amputation or other serious illnesses or injuries.

Program benefits

The Disabled Driving Program is staffed by Occupation Therapists and a licensed driving instructor. Both are qualified to evaluate and train disabled drivers. Other professionals are available as consultants including physiatrist (rehabilitation physicians), physical therapists, speech therapists, psychologists, durable medical equipment specialists, and case managers.

The Loma Linda Driving Program staff will:

* Asses the driver's basic skill, both physical and cognitive, for safe driving

* Determine the need for adaptive equipment and/or vehicle modification

* Allow for retraining in the use of special equipment including hand controls

* Make appropriate recommendations to the physician and to the California Department of Motor Vehicles

To seek more information or to initiate an evaluation or referral, please contact the program coordinator at (909) 558-6144.

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