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Breast program, post mastectomy or lumpectomy

After a mastectomy or lumpectomy a patient may require a specialty bra, breast form, or a custom breast prosthesis made to resemble the removed breast or breast tissue.

Our certified mastectomy fitter works with each patient individually to fit a specialty bra and/or to take a cast of the affected side to make a breast prosthesis mold. There are many options available in bras and breast prosthesis. Our certified fitter will answer any question you may have.

Body type, breast shape, daily activities, and lifestyle are important to considerations when selecting the best style of breast prosthesis and/or post-mastectomy bra.

Our goal is to help restore body balance, provide comfort, build confidence, and offer security in your wearing experience.

Breast prosthesis and post mastectomy bras

Breast prosthesis and post-mastectomy bras come in many sizes, styles, and colors. We carry several different brand names to offer you the best options.

External post-mastectomy garments (Softees) are often prescribed just prior to or immediately after surgery.

"Softees" are made out of a soft, soothing stretchy material. They have stretchable lace shoulder straps, which make putting them on and taking them off less stressful to the surgical side.

The "Softee" can be put on by stepping into it and pulling it up your body or over your head.

The soft, soothing tee shirt like material is comfortable against the surgical site during your healing period.

The "Softee" also has a Roo pocket to provide a place to hold drainage tubes. You will no longer need to pin the drainage tubes to your clothing.

A "Softee" has external pockets where you can attach a soft fiberfill breast form with Velcro to restore body balance.

This fiberfill breast form can be used until you are healed enough to be fitted with your breast prosthesis, or are ready for reconstruction surgery.

Custom breast prosthesis

woman and her daughter

Custom breast prosthesis provide non-surgical reconstruction of the breast.

Patients are asked to come in for an evaluation to determine specific eligibility and to process insurance authorization.

Because the surgical site changes significantly during the first year, a custom casting procedure is never recommended until the patient is post-surgery one year.

Approval process

Once approved by the insurance company the patient will have a few appointments with our team to complete a color match, breast casting, and to fit the final product.

The first appointment will take approximately one hour.

The casting process

After the initial visit, the patient will need to purchase two bras from a department store that offers professional fitting. Please bring these bras to the second appointment because we will be taking two cast impressions of the chest wall, one using one of the bras just purchased. Please dress comfortably.

Casting involves drawing a few lines on the chest wall and taking the a cast impression of the chest over one of the new bras just purchased. This will be sent to the company that makes the prosthesis.

woman having the breast casting doneThe second cast impression will be of chest wall only.

Then a separate impression is taken of the nipple if there is a natural remaining breast.

Pictures are required of the chest wall both in and out of the bra. All these items will be sent to the breast prosthesis company.

When the custom breast prosthesis arrives in our office (about 4 weeks later) we will call you to set up a fitting appointment.

Please bring in the remaining bra purchased at the department store to this visit. We will go over putting on and taking off the prosthesis and discuss the application process if the patient wants to medically glue the form to their chest wall.

Wear, care, and warranties will also be covered. With a custom prosthesis the patient will no longer need to wear a "post-mastectomy" bra.

The patient will need to obtain the occasional prescription for a new cleaning kit for the breast prosthesis and, if she chooses to use the medical grade glue, will need a prescription to replace this kit.

We hope that this information has been helpful to you in understanding the process.

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