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Medical student clerkships

Senior elective rotations (clerkships) for medical students from Loma Linda University and other medical schools are offered throughout the academic year.

Inquiries regarding elective rotations for non-LLU medical students should be directed to:

Ms. Rosalyn Hamilton
Office of the Dean
Loma Linda University, School of Medicine
Coleman Pavilion, Room 1108A
Loma Linda, CA 92350

Phone: (909) 558-4729
Fax: (909) 558-0255

Once the dean's office confirms that the applicant has been accepted to Loma Linda University, a memo will be sent to the department the student wishes to rotate through requesting approval.

Inquiries regarding elective rotations for LLU medical students should be directed to:

Laney Kent
Academic Manager
Department of Orthopaedic Surgery
Loma Linda University, East Campus
11406 Loma Linda Drive, Suite 214A
Loma Linda, CA 92354
Phone: (909) 558-6444, extension 62706

Fax: (909) 558-6118

Senior electives

Department: Orthopaedic Surgery

Prerequisites: Per dean's office requirements (senior medical student)

Duration: Two weeks - four weeks

Time available: All year

Number of students: 1 student per assigned elective/service, 3-4 per month for department

Location: Orthopaedic student office: Suite 214A, ECAS
(Office where student is required to check in and receive orientation.)

Description: The student will primarily learn about musculoskeletal physical examination of the orthopaedic patient and subsequent diagnosis and treatment skills and options in a sub-specialized setting on assigned services: 1) sports medicine, 2) trauma/oncology, 3) hand/upper extremity, 4) shoulder and elbow, 5) pediatric orthopaedics, and 6) spine.

Goals: Obtain exposure to orthopaedics and in particular, a specialized section of orthopaedics.

Objectives: At the completion of the rotation, student will:

1. Be able to perform musculoskeletal exam of orthopaedic patients:

a. list differential diagnosis for common pain syndromes.
b. list treatment options for common musculoskeletal conditions.

Means of implementation: The student is assigned to an attending/service within the orthopaedic department (upon written approval of the students acceptance through the dean's office of LLU) and follows that attending or service to clinics, the operating room, on-call with the resident for that attending or service and attends all the major orthopaedic weekly/monthly conferences. A written exam is given at the beginning and end of the elective (the first one is not graded; the second one is [pass/fail]).

Assessment of student: As above, there is an exam given at the beginning (non-graded) and at the end of the course (graded). In addition, the dean's office sends an evaluation form on each student that is completed by the preceptor.