Loma Linda University Children's Hospital - Toyota Learning Center

    Toyota Learning Center

    When children are hospitalized, many times falling behind in school is a concern for them and their families. Continuing with everyday learning activities aids in a child’s adjustment to the hospital as well as their attitude toward, and acceptance of, their treatment. The existence of an education program gives each child a familiar and reassuring routine in an unfamiliar setting.

    Our Partnership

    The Toyota Learning Center (TLC) is a unique collaboration between the San Bernardino County Superintendent of schools and Loma Linda University Children’s Hospital that began in 2002. Providing K – 12 education resources and instruction to critically and chronically ill hospitalized children is the primary priority in this partnership.

    Academic Curriculum

    The basic academic curriculum offered in the TLC is:
    •    Language Arts
    •    Computers
    •    Mathematics
    •    Science
    •    Social Studies

    Accessing the TLC

    The TLC is located in room 1819 on the lobby level of Loma Linda University Children’s Hospital. Patients who require assistance can be transported to the TLC by a teacher or educational assistant. Bedside instruction is also available for those students unable to come to the classroom. Times are scheduled per hospital unit.