Loma Linda University Children's Hospital - Total Care Birth Center - Mother & Baby Unit

Mother Baby  - Unit 3800


Our Mother-Baby unit is a welcoming, comfortable, and attractive unit which houses 20 private rooms.  Our  specially trained nurses and other staff are dedicated to providing the best care for you and your baby in a family-centered care setting.  We welcome the participation of siblings and other family members to the extent that you desire.     

Our units provide a safe and secure environment for your newborn.  Upon admission you will be educated regarding our infant security plan.

We practice mother-baby couplet care where the new mother and infant remain together and are cared for as a unit by a single nurse.  Studies show that infants cry less in their mother’s presence and have lower blood pressure and more stable temperature, pulse, and respirations. 

Our nurses are prepared to provide support, encouragement, and education in how best to care for yourself and your baby.  We have additional specialists on our team to support you when other needs arise such as: lactation consultant, social worker, and case manager.