Loma Linda University Children's Hospital - Total Care Birth Center - Labor & Delivery Unit

Labor Delivery and Recovery (LDR) - Unit 3200


Your birthing experience will take place in one of our nine private labor, delivery, and recovery suites.  Each suite is equipped with the supplies and equipment needed to provide a safe delivery in the event of any complications.  Our birthing bed allows you to deliver in the position that makes you most comfortable.  We know that the birth of a baby is one of life’s most precious miracles.  Our expert obstetrical team will provide you the highest quality of care for mom and baby.  Your nurses are specialists in childbirth and will provide you with competent, compassionate care to assist you in making the birth of your child a positive and safe experience.

Our many years of experience in providing maternity care tells us that having a baby is very personal and that each family has its own preferences.  Our goal is to accommodate your wishes as much as possible.  We have created an on line birth plan which informs you of all the available options so that you can create a personalized birth plan that is right for you. 
We encourage you to go on line and complete your personalized your birth plan and bring to the hospital with you.   

Your coach is encouraged to be with you as much as possible.  In addition, you may choose up  to three additional persons to be present to support you doing your labor and birth. 

We have anesthesiologists in the hospital at all times for patients desiring epidural anesthesia and to provide anesthesia in case the need arises for a C-Section.

During your recovery period, you will remain in your LDR room for one to two hours following the birth of your baby.  Your healthy newborn will remain with you during this time.  After delivery, visitors will be allowed a period of 15 minutes to visit with mother and baby.  At the end of 15 minutes, visitors will be asked to leave your room to allow mother, baby, and dad (significant other) to have a quiet bonding time until transferred to the mother baby unit.  During this time you will be encouraged to keep baby skin to skin and your nurse will assist you with breastfeeding as needed. 

Most babies are born healthy but you can rest assured that should any complications arise for your baby,  a specially trained neonatal team will respond immediately to provide specialized care for your baby.


If you are scheduled for a C-Section, or if you are laboring and a C-Section becomes necessary, you will be taken to one of our three surgical suites on the third floor.  If you are having regional anesthesia and will be awake for your C-Section, you will be allowed one support person in the Surgical Suite.  Your partner will be given disposable surgical attire and will be called into the operating room after anesthesia has been given and your surgery is ready to start.  When your surgery is complete, you will be taken to the recovery room and will remain there for one to two hours.  Your partner may remain with you during recovery.  Your baby may be brought to you as soon as you and your baby are stable.