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Inland Counties Regional Perinatal Programs (Region 7 of Regional Perinatal Programs of California) serves over 41,000 square miles comprising the four counties of Inyo, Mono, Riverside, and San Bernardino. Thirty-two birthing facilities within this region deliver perinatal care to multicultural women of childbearing age.

Our Purpose

The Regional Perinatal Programs of California (RPPC) evolved from the need for comprehensive, cooperative networks of public and private health care providers within geographic areas to promote the well-being of pregnant women and their babies. The goal is to match the needs of high-risk perinatal patients with the appropriate type of care by developing a multi-tiered network of care providers and facilities within geographic regions.

RPPC programs address four basic Statewide Perinatal Goals:

  • All children born healthy to healthy mothers
  • Racial/ethnic, gender, regional, and economic groups will all achieve similar health status
  • Access to appropriate and needed care within an integrated system for all women, children, and their families
  • A safe and healthy environment for women, children, and their families

Programs and Activities

Regional programs facilitate the coordination and support of perinatal quality improvement within geographic regions. RPPC staff:

  • obtain and disseminate needs assessment and outcome data;
  • consult with individual facilities regarding perinatal programs and services;
  • collaborate with county and state maternal and child health departments, managed care plans, and other perinatal professional groups and agencies on how best to meet the needs of the perinatal community;
  • develop methods, models, and materials for use by perinatal providers;
  • create and support educational programs to address the needs of high-risk mothers and infants in their regions;
  • represent their regions in regional and state task forces;
  • work with other perinatal regions and the state to respond to identified inter-regional and statewide needs;
  • develop and administer programs for priority populations such as the California Diabetes and Pregnancy Program and Sweet Success.


    Gretchen Page, Program Manager

    Phone: (909) 558-3996

    Charity Vasques, Perinatal Health Specialist, Comprehensive Tobacco Treatment Program Coordinator

    Phone: (909) 558-3264

    Terry Kramer, Data Coordinator

    Phone: (909) 558-3936
    Fax: (909) 558-3935

    Suzanne Sparks, California Diabetes and Pregnancy Program Coordinator

    Phone: (909) 558-3646

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