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Frequent Procedures, Services, and Functions


Services provided at the Maternal-Fetal Medicine Diagnostic and Treatment center include:

Family focused care

Physician examination

Primary nurse care management

Multidisciplinary coordination of care

Integration of patient care with referring entities

Preconception counseling

Genetic counseling

Antepartum testing, including non-stress tests, biophysicial profile, and amniotic fluid index

Aneuploidy screening

Comprehensive 2-D and 4-D ultrasound

Doppler ultrasound


Gestational diabetic education and lifestyle management

Lactation support and consulation

Patient and family education classes or referrals for childbirth preparation, breastfeeding, sibling preparation, advanced maternal age, and pregnancy complications

Psychosocial assessment and interventions

Patient and family support groups for babies with birth defects,  aneuploidy, or babies in the neonatal intensive care unit

Financial Counseling

Research, including National Institute of Health Children's Stud and preterm labor