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Pediatric Emergency Medicine  Fellowship Training Program


The Fellowship

We have the longest continuously running pediatric emergency medicine training program in the western United States accepting trainees every year since 1992. We focus on providing fellows with exceptional clinical exposure to critically ill and injured children. Our strengths include compassionate care for acutely traumatized children (most arriving directly “from the field”), medically complicated and technology dependent children (including transplant recipients), procedural sedation (including deep sedation with propofol), acute airway management, esophageal coin removal, and fracture reduction under fluoroscopy.

Under the guidance and vision of Chief and Program Director, Lance Brown, MD MPH FACEP FAAEM FAAP, our fellowship is one of the most innovative, flexible, and creative in the country. Our fellowship is based on maximizing elective time, individual learning plans, mentoring, scholarship, and fulfilling the mission of Loma Linda University Medical Center and Children’s Hospital to “make man whole.” Each fellow works closely with Dr. Brown to create an individualized, personalized curriculum in an ongoing process of discovery and self-improvement. In the few areas where a more traditional approach is most effective, we have structured learning sessions. These include some aspects of biostatistics and a formal Subspecialty In-training Examination (SITE) (ie, the “inservice exam”) preparation course.

Given the creative and individualized nature of our training program, we use an innovative tool to organize and coordinate our program. Check out our fellowship wiki at If you are unfamiliar with the concept of wikis, they are websites that accommodate reading and writing (a “Web 2.0” concept), allow for dramatic flexibility and are excellent for collaborative projects. Wikis are never “done” but remain a “work-in-progress” as they continually grown and change to meet the needs of the users. The most well known wiki is Wikipedia. 

The Hospital

Loma Linda University Children's Hospital is the pediatric referral center for a large geographic region (20,000 square miles - similar in size of the entire state of West Virginia) serving over 1 million children in the Inland Empire. The Children’s Hospital is a 232-bed facility providing exceptional critical care not only in our pediatric emergency department, but also in our large neonatal intensive care unit and 25-bed pediatric intensive care unit. Besides pediatric emergency physicians, our Children’s Hospital is supported by a full spectrum of pediatric subspecialists.


The Pediatric "ED"

Our pediatric emergency department is a state-of-the-art 18-bed facility that was newly constructed in July 2002. Of course, electronic medical records, digital radiology, and on-line resources are readily available. We care for approximately 21,000 children (from birth to 18-years of age) per year in our pediatric emergency department.

The Faculty

With the addition of a new full-time faculty member in July 2009, our faculty includes 9 full-time pediatric emergency medicine fellowship-trained pediatric emergency physicians. Of these, 2 had primary residency training in emergency medicine and are board certified through the American Board of Emergency Medicine and 7 had primary residency training in pediatrics and are certified through the American Board of Pediatrics. Several fellowship-trained part-time pediatric emergency physicians and full-time general emergency physicians complement these faculty members and work along side the fellows in the emergency department. Academically, our faculty members are organized within the Division of Pediatric Emergency Medicine within the Department of Emergency Medicine at the Loma Linda University School of Medicine. To learn more about our faculty, click here.


The Fellows

A prerequisite for training in pediatric emergency medicine is completion of a residency in either pediatrics or emergency medicine. We have trained both pediatricians and emergency physicians in our fellowship program. We welcome applications to our program from both graduating residents (who apply in the late summer of their last year of residency) and experienced, board certified pediatricians and emergency physicians. To learn more about our fellows, click here.

Contact Us

For more information check out our wiki at or contact our Program Coordinator, Dawn Gordon at or call her at (909) 558-7698 (Please keep in mind our time zone is either Pacific Standard Time or Pacific Daylight Time depending on the time of year).