Pediatric Surgery

Pediatric Surgery

            The pediatric surgeons at Loma Linda University Children’s Hospital care for a broad range of surgical disorders ranging from minor lesions managed in the outpatient setting to congenital anomalies, tumors and trauma.  The surgeons work closely with other pediatric specialists at LLUCH to provide comprehensive care for children including those with the most challenging and complex conditions.

            The inpatient clinical services we provide include neonatal surgery, cancer surgery, advanced minimal access surgery, non-cardiac thoracic surgery, pediatric gynecology, biliary surgery, intestinal surgery and the management of chest wall deformities such as pectus excavatum.  We also provide a full array of outpatient surgical care for conditions such as hernias, hydroceles, undescended testicles, cyst, sinuses and sub-cutaneous lumps and bumps.

            We are supported by an 84-bed neonatal intensive care unit, a 25-bed pediatric intensive care unit, and a 17-bed emergency room, as well as a full complement of pediatric specialists including pediatric anesthesiologists, oncologists, gastroenterologists, cardologists, nephrologists and emergency medicine specialists.

            We are happy to provide outpatient consultations and clinic services at the Loma Linda University Faculty Medical Offices, at Loma Linda University Medical Center -Murrieta, and at Riverside County Regional Medical Center.  We provide inpatient services at both LLUCH and at RCRMC.

            The pediatric surgeons at LLUCH are strongly committed to surgical education and are pleased to be one of fewer than 50 centers in North America that have a fellowship program to train future pediatric surgeons.  Additionally, the pediatric surgery service actively participates in the education of general surgery residents and medical students, and is involved in ongoing research projects.

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Common problems in pediatric surgery
Information for parents about the diagnosis and treatment of the common problems that we care for in children such as inguinal hernia, pyloric stenosis and gastroesophageal reflux

Childhood cancer
Together with the pediatric oncologists at Loma Linda we care for children with a wide variety of cancers including neurobalstoma, Wilms tumor and soft tissue tumors

Congenital disorders
Together with the neonatologists at Loma Linda, we care for infants with congenital disorders like diaphragmatic hernia, intestinal atresia, anorectal malformations and abdominal wall defects.

Minimally invasive surgery
Newer techniques that we are using for children with conditions like gastroesophageal reflux, pectus excavatum and Hirschsprung disease

Information for parents
How to get to LLUCH
Clinics, support groups, special services
Ronald McDonald House
What is a pediatric surgeon?
Bowel management

Trauma prevention
SafeKids, Airbags, Car seats

Links to other sites
Helpful and reliable information about cancer and other diseases that affect children and about groups that offer information and support for families of children with various conditions like prematurity and chronic constipation