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Your Child's Heart Health Care Team


Pediatric Cardiologists

Doctors who specialize in the diagnosis and care of children with heart problems. They will explain your child’s condition, discuss plans regarding hospitalization, and will participate in your child’s care after surgery. As your child grows, they will provide continued follow up care.

Cardiac Surgeons

Doctors who perform heart surgery. They will explain the surgery and associated risks and benefits. They work with the pediatric cardiologists and intensivists in providing care to your child after surgery.


Doctors who monitor and assist children during surgery. These doctors give medicine to make your child sleep and feel no pain throughout the surgery.


Doctors specially trained to care for critically ill children in intensive care.

Cardiac Surgical Coordinator

A registered nurse who specializes in the care of children with heart problems. They provide preoperative teaching, give intensive care unit tours, assist with discharge planning, and provide you with instruction in caring for your child at home. They will explain what to expect before, during, and after surgery.

Social Worker

Specializes in helping families deal with the stresses of hospitalization. They work with families, children, and medical staff to solve problems, arrange financial assistance, or refer you to other services when necessary.

Child Life Specialists

Members of the health care team who attend to the emotional, social, and developmental needs of your child. The Child Life Specialists seek to reduce stress associated with hospitalization and medical procedures. They prepare your child for heart surgery and recovery process by explaining in age-appropriate terms.