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Loma Linda University Children's Hospital - Transport Services

Transport Services - 1 (888) 393-NICU, 1 (888) 733-PICU

transport team membersAs a physician and health care provider you have to determine what is the most medically comprehensive and efficient method of transferring your patient. Loma Linda University Children's Hospital transport teams are fully equipped to provide you that service. Our staff provide specialized and expert care for ill or injured neonates, infants and children up to 18 years of age in our state of the art trauma and tertiary care center.

With just a phone call you can access either the neonatal or pediatric transport service. Services are available 24 hours a day 365 days a year. Access to a dedicated team can provide you with:

* Consultation with a neonatologist or pediatric intensivists
* Assistance in choosing the best method of transport (ground, helicopter, fixed wing)
* Triage and referral to the appropriate sub-specialty
* Evaluation, stabilization and transport
* Intensive medical care en route
* Regular patient status follow-up reports

The transport is dispatched immediately following assembly of the team and equipment. Depending on patient need and weather, transportation can be provided by uniquely equipped ambulance, helicopter or fixed wing aircraft. Vehicles and the team are equipped with a comprehensive array of monitoring, environmental and ventilator support systems to meet the needs of your most critical patient.


Loma Linda University Children's Hospital

Loma Linda University Children's Hospital is a 244 bed facility designed and administered for the special needs and comfort of children. Our staff are specially trained to provide for the needs of children and their families.

To ensure rapid response, please have the following patient information on hand:

bullet Patient's name and birthdate
* Referring facility and unit
* Referring doctor's name and phone number
* Patient's primary diagnosis and status


24-hour service of neonatal and pediatric sub-specialties include:

bullet Neonatology
* Pediatric intensivists
* Radiology
* Endocrinology
* Cardiology
* Cardio-thoracic surgery
* Hematology/oncology
* General and trauma surgery
* Neurology and neurosurgery
* Infectious disease
* Developmental pediatrics
* Genetics
* Adolescent medicine
* Transplantation