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Safe Kids

Poison prevention


Be aware of the dangers

  • Common household items like medicines, make-up, cleaning products, and plants account for most home poisonings.

  • Keep common household poisons and medicines out of sight and reach of children.

Be prepared

  • Prevent poisonings, but be prepared. Many accidental poisonings can be treated safely at home--but get medical advice FIRST!

  • Find the number of your local poison control center. Ask your doctor for the number or look on the first page of your phone book. Write the number and post it by your phone.

  • Keep syrup of Ipecac in your home. Take it on vacation or wherever your children regularly visit. Ipecac is a treatment for some types of poisonings as it causes vomiting. Most drugstores sell it. NEVER GIVE A CHILD IPECAC OR ANYTHING ELSE WITHOUT FIRST GETTING MEDICAL ADVICE.

If you suspect a poisoning:

  1. Stay calm. Keep the child calm.

  2. Look in the child's mouth. Remove any remaining pills, pieces of plant, etc.

  3. Take the child and the poison to a phone. Call the poison center or your doctor. Be prepared to give the child's age, weight, the product name, and the amount swallowed.

  4. Follow their directions. Never give the child anything (even Ipecac) without first calling a poison center or a doctor. Good intentions could cause more harm.

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