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Pedestrian safety

carUse street smarts!

When crossing the street...

  • STOP at the curb or edge of the road. NEVER run into the street!
  • LOOK for traffic--left, right, and left again.
  • If your view of traffic is blocked by a parked car or tree, slowly move out just until you can see. LOOK for traffic -- left, right, and left again.
  • WAIT until traffic is clear, then cross.
  • KEEP ON LOOKING both ways until you've safely crossed the street.
  • Use sidewalks.
  • Walk on the left side of the road, facing traffic. This is very important where there are no sidewalks.
  • Cross at the corner when possible.
  • Watch for cars backing out of driveways and parking lot spaces.
  • Children should be advised by their parents as to which streets are safe to cross.
  • If you must be out at night -- be seen. Carry a flashlight and wear retro-reflective material on your clothes. Look for this safety fabric in hardware, sporting goods, or fabric stores.

Tips about young children

  • Young children believe if they can see a driver, a driver can see them.
  • They think cars can stop instantly.
  • They can't tell where sounds come from.
  • Few can judge how fast traffic is moving.
  • Their field of vision is one-third that of adults.
  • They don't recognize danger or react to it.
  • Very young children see cars as friendly, living creatures.

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