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What Makes Us Unique

As a new graduate nurse, you have many important choices in front of you. There are lots of hospitals offering new graduate programs. How will you choose the one that’s right for you? Loma Linda University Children’s Hospital (LLUCH) girloffers you the most complete and established new graduate program available. This innovative program has been in place since 2002 and continues to attract new graduate nurses from all over the country who are committed to working with children. The RN Residency in Pediatrics is designed for the new graduate nurse who wants to develop and build a strong foundation in clinical practice that will set the stage for a long term nursing career. The residency is designed to provide an appropriately paced learning experience to prepare you to work in the challenging setting of a children’s hospital. This innovative program offers the following components:

  • Clinical experiences at the bedside with a trained RN preceptor who will teach clinical skills, share knowledge and expertise, assist with decision making, and help with developing critical thinking skills. The residency dedicates nearly 75 percent of the time to precepted clinical experience.
  • Classroom and skills lab education comprise about 25 percent of the program. You will benefit from our broad range of educational classes specifically designed for the new pediatric nurse.
  • As an RN resident, you will have the benefit of working with a caring and dedicated RN mentor who will act as your resource or sponsor for career development. Mentors are experienced nurses who will assist you with your transition from new graduate to professional nurse.
  • Support groups, led by experienced and trained facilitators, are built into the program to allow you a confidential and supportive place to express concerns and develop practical tools to deal with the stress of being a new RN.

The RN Residency is a paid, 16-week-long program that is offered two times a year. At the completion of the residency you will be qualified to work as a full-time, independent professional staff nurse at LLUCH.

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Specialty areas

The RN Residency is available in the following specialty areas*:

Pediatric Acute Care
Pediatric Cardiac/Solid Organ Transplant

Pediatric Hematology/Oncology/Stem Cell Transplant ICU

Pediatric Intermediate ICU

Neonatal ICU (PICU)
Pediatric ICU (PICU)


*Please note: The available specialty areas are subject to change, and may vary from cohort to cohort. Please check the Application Process page for more information.

The RN Residency in Pediatrics is a clinical placement. Residents will be responsible for securing and maintaining their clinical placement within the Loma Linda University Children's Hospital system.


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