Loma Linda University Children's Hospital - Pediatric Residency Program - Location


    The surf at Malibu; the mountains; palm trees lining the roads of Palm Springs -- these are the images that Southern California traditionally brings to mind. Yet for the physician, Southern California offers attractions not as readily apparent as the delights mentioned above

    LLUMCLoma Linda is a quiet, residential university community nestled among orange groves in the San Bernardino Valley 60 miles east of Los Angeles. The picturesque San Bernardino Mountains rise to over 11,000 feet on either side of the narrow valley. Although Loma Linda is a small community of just over 14,000, the cities of San Bernardino, Riverside, and Redlands are within a short driving distance.


    Loma Linda's "shirt-sleeve" weather is mild even during the winter. The summers are hot and dry, with cool evenings. It isn't uncommon for winter days to reach 70°; however, an hour's drive north into the San Bernardino mountains may reward the weekend adventurer with over three feet of snow, and several ski resorts that cater to weekend skiers.


    New housing has made new and older homes as well as apartments, readily available in the San Bernardino Valley. Prices for housing are some of the least expensive in Southern California, and are much more affordable than housing in and around Los Angeles. A short drive to the east or north provides access to rural settings or housing in the mountains.

    Recreational activities

    Golf An hour's drive in any direction from Loma Linda provides a variety of recreational experiences. To the north lie the mountain resorts of the San Bernardino National Forest. Lakes Arrowhead and Big Bear offer water and snow skiing, hiking, swimming, mountain bicycling, boating and camping. To the east are the internationally famous golf courses, natural spas, and exotic shopping malls of Palm Springs. To the west, the weekender can enjoy the beautiful beaches of Laguna and Malibu as well as other fun spots in the greater Los Angeles area, including Disneyland, Magic Mountain, Knott's Berry Farm, and Seaworld. Lovers of culture will appreciate the many museums, libraries, and concert halls of the Los Angeles area. And sports fans will enjoy attending Angels, Dodgers, Clippers, Lakers, Kings, and Mighty Ducks games. For those who prefer watersports closer to home, Lake Perris Recreational Area lies 20 minutes away for fishing, boating, water-skiing, sailing, and windsurfing.

    Drayson Center

    An on-campus activity center provides residents with many indoor sports facilities, including basketball courts, a weight room, aerobics classes, volleyball and badminton courts, table tennis, and floor hockey areas. Outside facilities include tennis courts, football, soccer, and baseball fields, as well as a heated pool. All outdoor facilities are lighted, which encourages our active intramural program.


    The Riverside and San Bernardino areas boast one of the finest freeway systems in the nation. Ontario International Airport, a 20-minute drive from Loma Linda, offers daily connections to all major airports. The local bus service is excellent, and wide secondary roads promote bicycle and moped traffic.

    Educational facilities

    Five public school systems and 20 parochial schools serve the Inland Empire communities. Two- and four-year institutions of higher learning include:

    • Loma Linda University
    • University of Redlands
    • University of California, Riverside
    • California State University, San Bernardino
    • Crafton Hills College
    • Riverside Community College
    • San Bernardino Valley College
    • Chaffey College