Curriculum Stipends & Benefits


Rotations during PL-1 year Duration
Ward 4 months
NICU 2 months
Clinic 3 months (2 with night float)
Emergency department 1 month
Behavioral / development clinic 1 month
Newborn nursery 1 month
Vacation (included in above rotations) 3 weeks
Rotations during PL-2 year  
PICU 1 month
Ward 2 months
NICU 1 month
Clinic 2 months
Adolescent 1 month
Cardiology 1 month
Neurology 1 month
Pulmonary (with night float) 1 month
Electives 1 month
Selectives 1 month
Vacation 4 weeks
Rotations during PL-3 year  
PICU 1 month
Ward 3 months
Clinic 1 month
Child advocacy  1 month
Endocrine 1 month
GI 1 month
Infectious Disease 1 month
Renal  1 month 
Electives 1 month
Adolescent clinic 1 month
Emergency department  1 month
Vacation 4 weeks


Call responsibilities

Call for PL-1: 2 q4 months, other months average 5-6 calls (back-up, overnight calls).           

Call for PL-2: 2-3 q4 months, 1 call-free month, other months consist of 5-6 calls (overnight, back-up, and transport). 

Call for PL-3: Same as PL-2  call.                                                                                                 

Transport call

Second-year and third-year pediatric residents are part of the PICU transport teams. Transports are exciting learning opportunities.


PL-1 residents get 3 weeks of vacation per year, and PL-2 and PL-3 residents get 4 weeks per year. Vacations are taken in blocks of 1 to 2 weeks. There are eight holidays per year.

Stipend and benefits

  • Stipend information

  • Health insurance: major medical and dental coverage for house staff, spouse, and dependent children
  • Sick leave: 10 days
  • Malpractice insurance: full coverage
  • Tuition benefits: eight tuition-free units per year at Loma Linda University
  • Child care: can be directly deducted and thus tax-free
  • Disability insurance provided
  • Maternity/paternity leave
  • Education allowance
  • Junior fellowship in the American Academy of Pediatrics
  • Noon conference with lunch provided Tuesday through Thursday
  • Two meal tickets provided for each inpatient call day
  • See the LLUMC residency programs stipend and benefit page for more information.

On-call rooms

  • Individual sleeping rooms for each resident on call

  • Pediatric resident lounge adjacent to sleeping rooms


Free literature search and photocopy services are available to residents.