Loma Linda University Children's Hospital - Pediatric Residency Program - Photo Tour

LLUCH pediatric residency program photo tour

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Dylan Stork, who recently celebrated his eighth birthday, received a heart transplant at Loma Linda University Medical Center at the age of seven weeks. As of July 2008, 487 children and infants have undergone cardiac transplantation surgery at LLUMC/LLUCH. (Photograph reprinted from LIFE Magazine, courtesy Alexander Tsiaras.)

Sharon Riesen, MD, pediatric residency program director, with Richard Chinnock, MD, medical director of the Children's Hospital and chair of Loma Linda University School of Medicine Department of Pediatrics (right).

Director and chair


LLUMCLLUMC at sunset

Loma Linda University Medical Center amid orange groves in the San Bernardino Valley.

Snow Valley Ski Resort, one of the ski resorts in the San Bernardino Forest, offers 230 aces of skiable terrain just one hour's drive from LLUCH. Ski season is from Thanksgiving to mid-April.


Chair liftMountain biking

Mountain bikers enjoy the beautiful scenery and challenging terrain of ski resorts in the summer.

Palm Springs golf courses: among the best in the world.

Golf courseGolf



Mild winters make windsurfing an option all year at Lake Perris.

LLUMC's new south wing, where the Children's Hospital is located.



Pediatric Teaching Office.


Surgeons operate on Baby Fae, the first patient to receive a xenograft heart.

SurgeryTransplant surgery
Transport team membersHeart transport

A simple picnic cooler is used for the transport of the donor's heart.


Resident and patient: a one-on-one conference in the hallway.

Resident and patient

The pediatric intensive care unit at LLUCH features private rooms and the latest in sophisticated technology.


Maria Garberoglio, MD, attends to a newborn in the LLUCH neonatal intensive care unit.