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Why a hospital for kids?
BearChildren have special needs that are different from adults. While they are still growing they need unique medical care made just for them. Hospitals can be frightening places for kids, and the doctors and nurses at Loma Linda University Children's Hospital understand these fears. To make our little patients feel right at home, we have built a hospital that's not so scary with fun furniture, playrooms, and lots of toys.

Why our children's hospital?
CatHere at Children's Hospital we offer parents the comfort and assurance that their child is receiving the highest level of medical care available. Our medical team has more than a hundred pediatricians, pediatric surgeons, and sub-specialists to treat everything from broken bones to disabilities and life-threatening diseases. In addition to our doctors, we have more than 1,200 nurses, child life specialists, and other staff who are dedicated to the health and healing of children. Together they provide a family-focused environment backed by state-of-the-art care.

What makes us unique?
SealThe Children's Hospital Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) is one of the largest and most advanced neonatal centers in the world, with 22,000 square feet dedicated to caring for some of the tiniest babies ever born. This includes a special area for infants who have undergone transplants and premature babies who need the aid of special machines to help them develop. See NICU baby care information.

GirlThousands of children are alive today thanks to the work of Dr. Leonard Bailey. This world renowned surgeon pioneered infant heart transplantation surgery 25 years ago, right here at Children's Hospital. Now, more than 2,000 of these procedures have been conducted in hospitals across the world. See the Loma Linda International Heart Institute.

The pediatric emergency department is the only Level 1 Trauma Center in the Inland Empire. That's just a fancy way of saying that we have been given a special license by the American College of Surgeons to provide you and your family with the most advanced level of trauma care available today. That's better care than any other hospital in the Inland Empire can provide.

Our pediatric specialists work together to treat every aspect of a child's illness. Complicated diseases like spina bifida, diabetes, cystic fibrosis, and others require not one but many specialists working as a team. Our specialty team clinics consist of pediatric specialists to provide comprehensive evaluations and care.

Loma Linda University Medical Center, located next door to the Children's Hospital, can offer proton radiation treatment on site. Proton radiation is so precise that doctors can target the radiation directly at the diseased site with almost no damage to the surrounding healthy tissue. In this way, children with certain cancerous tumors can be treated with almost none of the side effects that usually come with traditional radiation therapy. See the Proton Treatment Center.

Working to make our community a better place for kids?

BoyBirdThe Children's Hospital works hard with other local and national organizations to improve the life of the children in our area. We have developed and partnered with many programs that address issues like drowning prevention; gun, bicycle, and car seat safety; child abuse prevention, and many others. See Safe Kids.

Did you know?

  • Each year more than 134,000 children come here when they are hurt or sick and more than 15,000 stay overnight.
  • We have over 250 special beds just for kids!
  • Our Children's Hospital services a geographical area of 1.2 million children in Southern California.
  • The Children's Hospital is a major pediatric teaching facility for Loma Linda University School of Medicine, School of Nursing, and other health professions.

Your child deserves the best!
For more information please call 1-800-825-KIDS (5437).

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