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Join us in celebrating the Loma Linda University Children's Hospital's 20th Anniversary!

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Meet Our Kids

Meet the Molina Twins

Historical photos from over the years:

Taylor Moore: Over a year ago young Taylor survived a near deadly car accident. Because she was correctly in her car seat along with the medical care that she received at Loma Linda University Children's Hospital, today Taylor is doing great!


Isaiah Padilla: When Isaiah Padilla was born, he wasn't expected to live past his first birthday. Now, the fun-loving boy is excited to tell everybody of the infant heart transplant he received at two and a half months old and the great place that saved his life—Loma Linda University Children's Hospital.


Lauren: She still has diabetes, her insulin pump still has to be changed every two days, and she still has to get her tummy poked twice each time they do that. But Lauren refuses to let anything dim her optimism.

Like her paintings, Lauren's words reflect her broad-stroke fascination with the wonder and vitality of life. Each statement opens a new window into the thinking of this articulate and gifted little girl.


Kimie: Born 12 weeks premature, Kimie weighed a mere 2 pounds, 14 ounces at birth, and spent the first 65 days of life in a neonatal intensive care unit. She was treated for a hole in her heart, bleeding in her brain, and cerebral palsy. She also had multiple eye surgeries and is legally blind in her right eye.

After two years of treatment, Kimie's illness remains in remission today. She has some advice for kids with health challenges.