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Growing up in today's society can cause emotional changes which might make children and adolescents susceptible to self-harm, depression, acting out, or drug and alcohol abuse. LLUBMC uses a family-centered approach tailored to meet the needs of the child/adolescent. Youth services address a number of issues including family conflicts, school related difficulties, and alcohol or drug abuse.

Child and Adolescent Inpatient Programs

MEND Outpatient Program

Child program (ages 8-13)

Life sometimes becomes chaotic, and children may "act out" these feelings. Our staff on the children's unit recognizes the needs of children and provides a consistent, structured environment to deal with aggressive, self-abusive, or withdrawn behaviors that can no longer be safely managed at home.

Child Intensive Outpatient Program

Adolescent programs (ages 13-17)

Adolescence is a critical time of rapid physical, social, and emotional change during which an adolescent may be especially susceptible to self harm, depression, or drug and alcohol abuse. With specific expertise in working with young people, the adolescent program's staff offers an understanding and individualized approach to help restore adolescents to satisfying and healthy lives.

Adolescent Intensive Outpatient Program (Redlands & Murrieta Locations)

Adolescent Self-Injury Program