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Child and Adolescent Inpatient Programs


Child Inpatient Program

When a child becomes overwhelmed and is no longer able to use effective coping skills due to stress, traumatic events or family and school issues, they may "act out" intense feelings with aggressive, self-abusive, or withdrawn behaviors that can no longer be safely managed at home. Our staff on the children's unit recognizes the needs of children and provides a consistent, structured environment to assist the child in learning new ways of coping, managing, and communicating, intense emotions. Children usually stay 3-7 days on the inpatient unit.

Adolescent Inpatient Program

Adolescence is a critical time of rapid physical, social, and emotional change during which an adolescent may be especially susceptible to self harm, depression, drug and alcohol abuse, impulsive or dangerous behaviors.  When a teen’s behavior reaches a crisis point and becomes harmful to themselves, their environment, and/or others, our inpatient unit provides around the clock safety and treatment to stabilize the crisis. Inpatient stays are typically 3-7 days, depending on individual needs.


Shortly after admission, an individualized treatment plan is developed which lists specific goals for the patient.  Treatment plans typically include the following:

•    Daily visits with a psychiatrist                                     
•    24 hour nursing care
•    Intensive therapy and education
•    Diagnostic evaluations
•    Medication management
•    Individual and family groups
•    Spiritual care
•    Cognitive behavioral treatment modalities

Treatment Team

•    Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist
•    Registered Nurse
•    Clinical Therapist
•    Occupational Therapist
•    Case Manager
•    Others may include; Chaplain, dietician, or pediatrician

Upon discharge, the child may need additional treatment that requires more than outpatient visits with a psychiatrist or therapist.  He/she will then be referred to one of our following programs, depending on their age and needs:


Child Intensive Outpatient Program (ages 8-13)
Adolescent Intensive Outpatient Program (ages 13-17)
Adolescent Self Injury (ages 13-17)



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