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About Loma Linda University Medical Center (LLUMC)

An outgrowth of the original Sanitarium on the hill in 1905, the present 11-story Loma Linda University Medical Center (LLUMC) opened on July 9, 1967. With the completion of the Loma Linda University Children's Hospital (LLUCH) in late 1993, nearly 900 beds are available for patient care, including at Loma Linda University Medical Center East Campus and Loma Linda University Behavioral Medicine Center (LLUBMC). Loma Linda University Health Care (LLUHC), a management service organization, supports the many programs and services provided by our 400+ faculty physicians. LLUMC operates some of the largest clinical programs in the United States in areas such as neonatal care and outpatient surgery and is recognized as the international leader in infant heart transplantation and proton treatments for cancer. Each year, the institution admits more than 33,000 inpatients and serves roughly half a million outpatients. LLUMC is the only level one regional trauma center for Inyo, Mono, Riverside, and San Bernardino counties.

Our Mission

The mission of Loma Linda University Medical Center is to continue the healing ministry of Jesus Christ, to make man whole, in a setting of advancing medical science and to provide a stimulating clinical and research environment for the education of physicians, nurses and other health professionals.


Behavioral Medical Center

While privately nestled in the quiet, historical town of Redlands, California, Loma Linda University Behavioral Medicine Center offers the unique opportunity of providing exemplary mental health care with the support of a world-renowned teaching hospital.

Upon entering the grounds, one's spirit will begin healing with the panoramic view of our local mountains and occasional fragrance of sweet orange blossoms. While the journey through recovery requires tremendous commitment, it is comforting to know we offer a compassionate staff highly trained to offer quality care and meet patients' and their families' needs.
Each day will bring deeper insight as patients and staff explore the complexity of one's mind, body, and spirit. In this safe and caring environment, patients can begin the healing process while restoring hope for the future.
Recognizing the individual, complex needs of patients facing mental illness and chemical dependency, Loma Linda University Behavioral Medicine Center (LLUBMC) provides a full range of services including inpatient and outpatient treatment. In carrying out our mission, "to make man whole" a multi-disciplinary treatment team of competent and compassionate clinicians assists the patient in meeting personal goals and restoring the family unit to guide them to the road of recovery. LLUBMC specializes in a variety of mental health issues including:

• Anxiety disorders
• Depression
• Physical, sexual, or emotional abuse issues
• Suicidal tendencies
• Other emotional and behavioral health problems
• Addiction

For nearly a century, the mission of Loma Linda University Medical Center has been "to make man whole." The LLUBMC is part of this system and philosophy. The most advanced and inclusive mental health care is delivered utilizing a multi-disciplinary staff of psychiatrists, psychologists, nurses, social workers, chaplains, dieticians, family counselors, and adjunctive therapists. This diverse staff ensures flexible and personal treatment for each patient in the least restrictive manner.
The treatment philosophy of LLUBMC is to strengthen, restore, and renew the patient and his or her family. Toward this goal, our caring professionals strive to treat the whole individual by considering all the interrelated biological, psychological, social, and spiritual aspects of their lives.

Learn More About Our Programs:

Cancer Center

Cancer Center

Loma Linda University Cancer Center (LLUCC) delivers world-class care provided by highly respected specialists within a patient-focused delivery model and a more convenient and accessible environment. The process of treating a cancer patient is accelerated by the delivery of customized care for every individual's unique condition.
Patients have access to services such as radiation medicine, which features the first hospital-based proton treatment program in the world and a cancer resource center. Patient care navigators coordinate each patient's workup, treatment, and follow-up throughout the patient experience.

Loma Linda University Cancer Institute
Loma Linda Proton Treatment Center

Heart Institute

Loma Linda International Heart Institute

Opened in 1987, Loma Linda International Heart Institute serves as the cardiac service line of Loma Linda University Medical Center. Cardiologists, cardiothoracic surgeons, nurses, and other clinicians are committed to work as an integrated cardiac specialty team to provide compassionate patient-centered care. The Heart Institute offers full cardiac services from diagnostic procedures such as echocardiograms and cardiac stress tests to cardiac surgery and transplantation. Providing comprehensive cardiac (heart) care for patients of all ages

HEART SERVICES AND PROGRAMS For Adults, Infants, & Children

Adult and pediatric cardiology

&Congenital & acquired heart disease Electrophysiology / arrhythmia Cardiomyopathy / heart failure Heart transplantation Marfan Syndrome Clinic Lipid Clinic Pacemaker Clinic Pacemaker Phone-in Service

ICD Clinic (implantable cardioverter defibrillator)

Interventional cardiology

Coronary angioplasty - PTCA Coronary stents Coronary atherectomy (laser & rotational) Catheter ablation for cardiac (heart) arrhythmia ICD placement / checks Pacemaker placement Post thrombolytic management Valvuloplasty Balloon dilatation of thoracic vessels

Cardiothoracic surgery

Cardiac (heart) arrhythmia surgery Cardiac (heart) valve repair & replacement Congenital heart surgery Coronary artery bypass surgery Heart assist devices including Heart Mate Heart transplantation Minimally invasive heart surgery Transmyocardial revascularization Ventricular reduction surgery Lung volume reduction Thoracic aorta repair & reconstruction Thoracic (esophageal, chest, & lung) surgery Video assisted thoracic surgery


Cardiac (heart) diagnostic laboratory Echocardiography Fetal echocardiography Transesophageal echocardiography Stress echocardiography Cardiac (heart) stress testing Pharmacologic stress testing Radionuclide cardiac (heart) stress testing Cardiopulmonary metabolic stress testing Isuprel tilt testing ECG & signal averaged ECG Holter monitoring Invasive cardiovascular laboratory Coronary angiography Cardiac (heart) biopsy Cardiac (heart) catheterization Cardiac (heart) mapping/EP studies

Loma Linda international Heart Institute

Orthopaedic Center

Orthopedic Center

Our Orthopedics Center provides in-depth information on the prevention, diagnosis, treatment, and care of conditions that affect bones and joints. This center will help you be more aware of the steps you can take to stay healthy, and the options you have when you need medical services.
Providing treatment for arthritis, osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, orthopedic injuries and other conditions.

Offering the following orthopedic tests:

 • Arthroscopy
 • Bone mineral density test
 • Carpal tunnel biopsy
 • Joint x-ray
 • Lumbosacral spine MRI
 • MRI
 • Muscle biopsy
 • Pelvis x-ray
 • Rheumatoid factor
 • Spine MRI
 • Thoracic spine x-ray
 • X-ray

Offering the following orthopedic surgeries:

 • ACL reconstruction
 • Carpal tunnel release
 • Hip joint replacement
 • Knee arthroscopy
 • Knee joint replacement
 • Rotator cuff repair
 • Spinal fusion

Learn More About Loma Linda Orthodedic Center

Rehabilitation Center

Loma Linda University Rehabilitation, Orthopedic, and Neurosciences Institute.

Loma Linda University Medical Center was founded just over 100 years ago with the "whole person" concept of care. We feel that the connection between a person's mind and body is a powerful one. When treating a patient with any type of a medical diagnosis, our goal is to "make man whole." With Christ as our model of how to care for one another, we strive to provide a healing environment for each patient we treat.

Our facilities

Loma Linda rehabilitation center located on the East Campus of Loma Linda University Medical Center includes a 37-bed inpatient rehabilitation unit and a 75,000 square foot outpatient ambulatory services center, which houses our outpatient therapy center's multiple gyms, private treatment spaces, a physical medicine and rehabilitation pain center, tribology research program, orthotics and prosthetics lab, and an adult day center.
We are a multi-specialty campus and look forward to providing your care, answering your questions, or providing you with needed resources in your search for quality health care and information.

Learn More about Loma Linda Rehabilitation Center